About us

JP Gold Coin promises beyond what the best cryptocurrencies like BTC and other altcoins offer the investors. It sustains the wealth because it is backed by physical gold that guarantees and preserves value

The JPGold Coin is a unique cryptocurrency backed with physical gold mined by Japaul Limited; a multinational licensed miner of gold and other solid minerals in East, West, and other African countries.

Compared to altcoins like BTC, the JPGold Coin offers a better value for your cryptocurrency investment. Being backed by physical gold implies your investment is safeguarded and your wealth is sustained. Your investment value is preserved and guaranteed.

JPGold Coin cryptocurrency is a blockchain technology mined on the Ethereum Network. Its uniqueness is such that it adds dual and integrated values to investment. This in return guarantees lifelong appreciation of asset value that the gold coin avails as an investment to the matured investors that see beyond now. Gold has been a valuable metal since the existence of mankind, with its existence and values, outlived many currencies that ever existed. It has survived many countries’ economic busts and boom, and its values have remained fairly stable in all economic history of the world. Presenting our unique JPGold Coin cryptocurrency hybrid with gold to investors becomes a rare opportunity that cannot be looked down upon.

Our mission

Our mission is to be The Giant in building sustainable values with our JPGold Coin standing the test of time for all our stakeholders/investors; to build a financial heritage and legacy that increase the worth of the investors regardless of the state of the crypto market and disregard to whether they work or play after investing in this venture.

JPGold Coin promises profitability to investors, regardless of the state of the crypto market.

JPGold Coin Roadmap

All developments which are expected in coming years as future plans of JPGC

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