21 Cryptocurrency Terms For Beginners

Cryptocurrency is an exciting technology that has been gaining in popularity over the last few years. It can be quite confusing for beginners to understand all the terminology associated with it, such as blockchain, tokenomics, NFTs, hybrid tokens, Defi, DApps, whitepaper, CBDCs, Digital wallet e.t.c. This article explains must know 21 cryptocurrency terms for beginners […]

How To Invest In Cryptocurrency

There are a few things you should think about if you’re considering about investing in cryptocurrency. The first step is learning how to invest in cryptocurrency. How To Invest In Cryptocurrency Guide 1: Do your research. Research cannot be overemphasized; many have lost money to cryptocurrency because they have no prior knowledge. Here are 4 […]

How To Identify A Cryptocurrency Scam

2022 was certainly one of the biggest crypto scam year. Statistics show that the total value of scam was $4.3B; FTX  though being an exchange was the highlight. Cryptocurrency scams have existed for as long as cryptos have existed. MtGox was hacked from 2011 to 2014 and $450 million in Bitcoin was lost (BTC). Due to increased […]

Understanding Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets

Understanding cryptocurrency and digital asset

Cryptocurrency and digital asset are used interchangeably although not all digital assets are crypto. What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a digital currency built on blockchain technology; transactions are traceable and verifiable in real time on decentralized exchanges. Compared to fiat currencies, it is not controlled by central bank of any nation. What is Digital Asset? […]

Tokenomics: JPGold Coin a digital token backed With Gold

JPGold Coin a digital token backed with gold

JPGold Coin a digital token backed With Gold. What is Tokenization? Tokenization is the process of transferring ownership and rights of physical assets into digital format. It enables the conversion of indivisible assets into smaller units called tokens. In this case of  jpgold coin the indivisible asset is gold. JPGold Coin gold backing: JPGold Coin […]


  ATTENTION!!! We appreciate you for following our explanations about the features of JPGC and welcome your feedbacks. Interestingly we have found an expert in tokenomics and development in London working on the challenge that we have been having. The main challenge is the allocation of the quantity of gold that backs the token that […]