How to Buy JPGold Coin using a Laptop/Desktop


Step 1

Open the web page

Step 2

Click on Buy JPGoldcoin IEO sales on LAToken. You will be directed to our listing platform, Latoken If you don’t have an account with Latoken, you can simply sign-up for one.

  • Click the sign-up on Latoken website. and select your preferred option either by Email or By Phone.
  • Fill your email or phone and select your desired password and confirm. If you have a referral code from a friend, kindly input it and click on Sign- up.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to your registered email. Kindly check for the message and input the numbers sent. (please note that you have 60 seconds to complete the task)
  • Complete KYC verification (Know Your Customer)
  • You must have a completed account verification procedure in order to successfully receive project tokens.
  • You can check your KYC tier or start the verification procedure on the web and mobile versions of LATOKEN. You will need to reach the 2nd verification tier to get IEO tokens, otherwise, your participation will be withdrawn and your funds will be refunded.


Step 3

Learn about upcoming IEOs (Initial Exchange Offering)
The easiest way to learn about upcoming IEOs is on our website. Follow “crowd funding” on and check the list for JPGold Coin IEO sales on the Launchpad.

You can dive into the product, the team, the roadmap, understand their business models and a lot more, making your IEOs discovery process easier than ever.

Step 4:

Find the JPGold Coin project and apply for an allocation
IEOs rounds can differ in terms of timing, and price for the tokens offered, and have different types of rounds, so it is important to review the terms of participation.

You can participate in IEOs rounds immediately after registration on the exchange and with a sufficient wallet balance.


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