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Interestingly we have found an expert in tokenomics and development in London working on the challenge that we have been having. The main challenge is the allocation of the quantity of gold that backs the token that you have bought at the same time you are buying or selling it. The Exchanges approached have not provided us with the best way to achieve this until the present experts currently working on that. From the interactions we have had, the solution is certain. All our efforts are geared toward keeping our word of rightly allocating gold whether you buy or sell.

Gold remains the main stable commodity in the world than the stablecoin. Central banks globally are seeking to buy gold to back their local fiat currencies, all because gold preserves value.

Before, buying or investing in gold is for only the elite, but such beliefs have been broken through the JPGC. $51 gives you one gram of gold. Through our platform, you may choose to keep your gold or we use it to make customized Jewelry for you or loved ones for weddings, birthdays, anniversary celebrations, etc.

Remember, gold remains the world currency, which is why you can invest in gold now through JPGC and keep it to buy valuable assets like real estate property, cars, furniture, etc in the future. Gold conversion to fiat currency in any part of the world is the easiest.

For instance, if you save $51 now in the bank and invest another $51 to buy JPGC you have the gold backing. In one year, the purchasing power of the $51 you saved in the bank would have been eroded by inflation but the gold price would have appreciated within the same period. And if the gold is sold in the market at the end of the one year, the proceeds will buy more things than the $51 plus interest that you have saved.

In the upcoming write-up, we will explain why investment in JPGC is for mature investors, with mature minds, it is for people of class like you.

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